Membership Prices 2021/2022


Individual £90.00
Joint £132.00
Retired Individual £44.00
Joint Retired £62.00
Provisional Member £47.00
Individual Overseas £84.00
Joint Overseas £122.00
Retired Individual Overseas £44.00
Retired Joint Overseas £62.00


To be eligible for Retired Membership, you must be 65 years old or more, and have been a full member of the IDTA for 20 years minimum.

To be eligible for Life Membership, you must have been a member of the IDTA for 40 years minimum. There are two options for Life Membership:

  1. A Life Member Non-Subscriber will have no subscription fee but will also not receive copies of the Dance International magazine.
  2. A Life Member Subscriber will receive copies of the Dance International magazine at an annual cost of £29.   

To be eligible for Provisional rates, you must have completed your Pre-Associate or Level 3 Diploma Dance Teaching Assistant and apply for provisional membership.

To be eligible for a Joint Membership, both members must reside at the same address.